Who is Spicer Jeffries

Spicer Jeffries LLP began operations in 1992 at the home office in Denver, CO.  Founded upon tradition and years of experience within the partners; the firm’s mission is to provide professional accounting services to the securities industry using trained and highly knowledgeable personnel. The founding partners believed that an accounting firm deeply rooted in the securities industry would not only provide clients with high quality and detailed work, but efficient and specialized services unmatched within the accounting industry.

Our professional expertise and passion for the securities industry is highlighted by our proprietary audit systems, client-focused teams, and Emerging Manager Solutions program. Spicer is well aware of both the quality standards of auditing required in today’s financial community as well as the current competitive environment of the accounting profession.  Our firm is committed to providing full, proactive, high quality services to the securities industry at fair, yet competitive fees.

Over the past decade, Spicer Jeffries and its associates have worked diligently to forge new partnerships with hundreds of professionals in the industry around the globe. We believe that these many experiences and large network of clients offers Spicer exceptional access to industry knowledge as well as the ability to provide specialized services in the many different aspects of the securities industry. Spicer Jeffries believes a key foundation to success in the securities industry is creating business relationships that encourage both trust and confidence. The firm was built on strong traditions and is sustained on business excellence – our founding partners would accept no less.