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Spicer Jeffries LLP and its personnel have been committed to providing professional services to the securities industry for over 40 years.  The firm is dedicated to providing high quality services to our clients and to deliver those services on a timely basis.  It is our goal to not only provide the highest level of service and expertise, but to build long-lasting and successful partnerships with our clients.  We believe that a key foundation to success in the securities industry is creating business relationships that encourage both trust and confidence.  Our services provide you with the knowledge that your audit, tax and other financial management needs will be met timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Spicer Jeffries LLP is approved by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to conduct audits of SEC registrants and securities broker-dealers.  Our personnel are highly trained and certified under numerous state and national agencies to meet your specific service needs.  The firm works diligently and takes pride in the continued growth and knowledge of our personnel, including professional licensing, continued education and securities industry specific training.

Spicer Jeffries LLP began operations in 1992 at the home office in Denver, CO.  Founded upon tradition and years of experience within the partners; the firm’s mission is to provide professional accounting services to the securities industry using trained and highly knowledgeable personnel. The founding partners believed that an accounting firm deeply rooted in the securities industry would not only provide clients with high quality and detailed work, but efficient and specialized services unmatched within the accounting industry.

Our professional expertise and passion for the securities industry is highlighted by our proprietary audit systems, client-focused teams, and Emerging Manager Solutions program. Spicer is well aware of both the quality standards of auditing required in today’s financial community as well as the current competitive environment of the accounting profession.  Our firm is committed to providing full, proactive, high quality services to the securities industry at fair, yet competitive fees.

Over the past decade, Spicer Jeffries and its associates have worked diligently to forge new partnerships with hundreds of professionals in the industry around the globe. We believe that these many experiences and large network of clients offers Spicer exceptional access to industry knowledge as well as the ability to provide specialized services in the many different aspects of the securities industry. Spicer Jeffries believes a key foundation to success in the securities industry is creating business relationships that encourage both trust and confidence. The firm was built on strong traditions and is sustained on business excellence – our founding partners would accept no less.

Spicer Jeffries LLP specializes in the securities industry, providing clients with professional audit, tax, accounting, and consulting services. Our clients include broker-dealers, hedge funds, commodity funds, SEC registered funds, private equity funds, venture capital and real estate funds, as well as registered investment advisors. Entities of this nature require both a unique understanding of what it takes to operate in this dynamic business environment, as well as a precise comprehension of the various and peculiar tax rules and regulations. Because of our extensive experience and highly trained personnel, we bring this understanding and expert knowledge to all of our engagements. Doing so allows Spicer Jeffries to deliver a superior service while still allowing SJ team members to conduct our work efficiently and cost effectively.

Although the firm’s practice is deeply rooted in audit and tax services, the continued growth of the firm, our personnel’s increasing knowledge in the securities industry, and our clients’ successes and organizational complexities, have all led to additional service offerings being provided. Some clients are currently working directly with our key personnel in organizational and regulatory consulting projects. Other clients are taking advantage of Spicer’s performance reporting and alternative investment consulting, perhaps preparing to open a new fund. Whatever the individual’s specific needs may be, the firm and its experienced personnel are equipped to complete the task.

Spicer Jeffries was created as the successor to the former Denver office of Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon & Co. (OAD), a national firm based in New York. OAD was known for its expertise in the securities industry and was ranked among the top twelve firms in the United States in terms of size.  Our general practice and training is focused on the details of the securities industry; however, we serve many clients in other primary industries. A primary goal of the firm is to provide expert accounting services and delivering a quality product to the owners and other key stakeholders of a company.

Spicer Jeffries’ operations have grown considerably since the firm’s beginnings in 1992. First established with a total of 22 employees in the Denver office, Spicer now employees over 80 individuals spread between the Denver, CO headquarters and West Palm Beach, FL branch
office. Dedicated to the securities industry, Spicer Jeffries and its employees are proud to service clients across the Unites States, North America, and around the globe.

The rapid and exciting world of securities and commodities is not contained to a single city, but is a worldwide connection of individuals and entities. The founding partners of Spicer Jeffries made certain to broaden the firm’s client base within the securities industry in order bring that inter-connectivity within our walls. Servicing a vast array of entity types across international borders allows for the stream of information and ideas, which inevitably flows to our clients. The knowledge and experience that Spicer Jeffries and its employees have gained from our diverse client base is invaluable and appreciated.

Colorado Office – Headquarters           

4601 DTC Boulevard
Suite 700
Denver, CO  80237


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Golden Bear Plaza
11780 Highway 1
Suite 308
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33408


Cayman Islands Office

Artemis House
67 Fort Street
George Town, Grand Cayman

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1748
Grand Cayman KY1-1109
Cayman Islands

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