What does Spicer Jeffries do

Spicer Jeffries LLP specializes in the securities industry, providing clients with professional audit, tax, accounting, and consulting services. Our clients include broker-dealers, hedge funds, commodity funds, SEC registered funds, private equity funds, venture capital and real estate funds, as well as registered investment advisors. Entities of this nature require both a unique understanding of what it takes to operate in this dynamic business environment, as well as a precise comprehension of the various and peculiar tax rules and regulations. Because of our extensive experience and highly trained personnel, we bring this understanding and expert knowledge to all of our engagements. Doing so allows Spicer Jeffries to deliver a superior service while still allowing SJ team members to conduct our work efficiently and cost effectively.

Although the firm’s practice is deeply rooted in audit and tax services, the continued growth of the firm, our personnel’s increasing knowledge in the securities industry, and our clients’ successes and organizational complexities, have all led to additional service offerings being provided. Some clients are currently working directly with our key personnel in organizational and regulatory consulting projects. Other clients are taking advantage of Spicer’s performance reporting and alternative investment consulting, perhaps preparing to open a new fund. Whatever the individual’s specific needs may be, the firm and its experienced personnel are equipped to complete the task.

Spicer Jeffries was created as the successor to the former Denver office of Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon & Co. (OAD), a national firm based in New York. OAD was known for its expertise in the securities industry and was ranked among the top twelve firms in the United States in terms of size.  Our general practice and training is focused on the details of the securities industry; however, we serve many clients in other primary industries. A primary goal of the firm is to provide expert accounting services and delivering a quality product to the owners and other key stakeholders of a company.