Training Program

Starting your career at Spicer Jeffries is an exciting time. For incoming staff that are recent graduates or new to the accounting profession, your first months at the firm will consist of “Incoming Class Training.” At Spicer, we feel that creating a strong bond between incoming employees creates the foundation for long lasting success and happiness. For this reason, the partnership has developed Spicer Jeffries University (SJU) to help in preparing new employees for the challenges ahead and the intricacies of the firm’s focus on the securities industry.

This intense training program has been developed from years of experience in training new employees and follows the fundamental values and beliefs of the firm. SJU allows individuals to begin to feel comfortable in their new work environment, learn about the firm’s history and expectations, understand their responsibilities to the firm and its clients, as well as begin building relationships with their incoming class and senior firm members. Spicer Jeffries University (SJU) consists of several core programs that culminate in the individual’s ability to conduct a financial statement audit, and then to prepare corporate and personal tax returns on their own. In order to ensure success, SJU places students into “live” situations, using past client’s actual data to create real-life situations that they will face when working with clients in and out of the SJ offices. All of the SJU core programs are led by experienced Spicer staff with years of experience behind them. Many of the current program leaders are staff members who themselves went through SJU and now have the chance to enhance the program and pass on their knowledge.

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