Advancement and SJ Benefits

Spicer believes that as a professional in the field of public accounting, an individual needs to be well rounded in both audit and tax. As such, your first two years with the firm will be spent dealing in both areas to help you gain knowledge and also decide which area you prefer best. At the firm you
will gain invaluable experience working in the field alongside senior members. You will be exposed to all facets of an audit engagement, taxation, related tax issues, and direct client contact.

As your career advances at Spicer, you will move into a specialization, either audit or tax. Selecting which path to continue forward on is not a decision employees must make on their own. Each individual’s direct managers are involved in the discussion, as well as the partners, offering their own unique thoughts and experiences as assistance. Following your choice to pursue the tax or audit path, an employee may further progress in their specialization by advancing into a supervisory role, followed by manager and then director.

As individuals progress along their career path, Spicer Jeffries encourages the pursuit of professional licensing and memberships amongst your regular work. The firm believes deeply in our employees and their growth; as such, the firm offers training, financial assistance, and other opportunities to successfully complete the requirements necessary for success.

Spicer also provides continuing education opportunities for its employees. Throughout the year, employees are engaged in different programs and events that directly contribute to their professional growth and expertise in the accounting industry. For instance, the firm encourages every employee to be a current and upstanding member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The partners believe that every individual’s career potential is only limited by the amount of time and effort put towards it. At Spicer Jeffries it is our goal to help each employee realize their career goals, as well as their personal life goals.

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SJ Employee Benefits

Work/Life Balance

Spicer Jeffries may be an advocate for each employee’s professional development, but the firm also strives to help individuals maintain a beneficial work/life balance. We truly believe that a happy and motivated employee is a great employee; so, we make it one of our goals to create an atmosphere that promotes success, enjoyment, and happiness. Spicer’s unique size and locations allow us to do many things that other firms cannot. For instance, if you’re feeling a bit tired, head down to the gym for a quick work out or take a walk outside around the beautiful office properties and nearby parks. Is this a new city and you’re looking for activities? Join one of the firm’s intramural sports teams and compete outside of the office with your new coworkers. Take a break in the employee lounge with your coworkers over a cup of hot tea or cocoa and then setup a foosball game for later that day. For the past several years, Spicer Jeffries has been working diligently toward an increased focus on the individuals that make the firm the success that it is. Spicer’s partners decided that in order to create a workplace environment that bolsters camaraderie, excitement, and professional growth, then several key components would need to be “refurbished.” These included our office work environments, employee benefits, employees’ future financial needs, and individuals’ personal time and interests.

Our Offices

At the office, employees enjoy modern work facilities and technologies. Both our Colorado headquarters and the Florida office have been recently renovated and redesigned with the employee’s needs in mind. High efficiency lighting, new work spaces and conference rooms, as well as healthier snack and drink options are just a few of the highlights. Additionally, with the Colorado headquarters having relocated in August 2018, now all Spicer Jeffries employees have access to onsite fitness facilities before, during and after work hours. Being happy at work and life also means being healthy. We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and choices that lead to success at home and at work. The office spaces are also arranged to promote contact and interaction. New solid glass walls and open-concept work spaces allow more light to filter through as well as improved communications. Spicer takes special consideration of each employee’s career goals, areas of expertise, and seniority prior to placement in the office. We believe that it is beneficial to both our employees and our clients to create workspaces that promote learning, discussion, and interaction. Spicer Jeffries provides all employees with top quality computer equipment in the Colorado and Florida offices, and if desired by employees, the firm will also supply individuals with a home monitor and laptop charging station.

Employee Benefits

A key to being successful at home and professionally is to take care of yourself. To help promote our employees and their family’s health needs, Spicer Jeffries provides a competitive health, dental, and vision benefits package. In order to further assist employees with obtaining these terrific coverages, Spicer Jeffries covers a considerable portion of the monthly premiums. Spicer Jeffries offers several different health care coverage options to employees so that each individual may choose a policy that meets their family’s needs best. Included with every Spicer Jeffries group health insurance policy is access to the unique Dependent Care Plan. Every employee at Spicer Jeffries LLP also received a $15,000 of life insurance coverage. Employees are encouraged to increase this coverage, but the firm provides this level standard to all employees from the date of eligibility following employment. Additionally, a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is offered so that employee’s pre-tax dollars may be saved for use on future medical needs. To further assist our employees with maintaining a strong work/life balance, the firm stresses the importance of successful advancement in the accounting profession. Employees receive discount rates to CPA training courses and exams. Further, to help combat the financial challenges of these personal career advancements, Spicer Jeffries offers a tiered bonus to individuals passing their CPA licensing exams.

Retirement Savings Plan

Spicer Jeffries employees are not only encouraged to enhance their future careers, but are also highly encouraged to start planning for their financial future. Spicer offers a truly competitive 401(k) Plan to its employees and also participates in the plan with monthly matching. In fact, due to Spicer Jeffries high matching rate and strong vesting schedule, employees who save regularly are able to realize considerable growth in their retirement accounts. The Spicer 401(k) Plan has also been uniquely customized for our firm. Since we specialize in the securities industry and service many different client entity types, the partners found it necessary to offer employees similar options in their personal investments. If specified, employees may choose a self-directed retirement account where they have a vast array of choices in terms of investment possibilities.

PTO & Off-Season

Spicer Jeffries partners believe in hard work as well as capturing the best of life’s moments. To help make both a reality for Spicer employees and themselves, the partners introduced a time-off system that is traditionally based but offers unique caveats. Employees are given general Personal Time Off (PTO) that ranges in weeks depending upon how long an employee has been working with the firm. All employees are paid an annual salary and are expected to work at the highest levels of professional service. The firm’s work tends to be somewhat cyclical, with the winter and spring months being very busy as “Audit & Tax Season.” To combat the challenges of those months and the hard work put in by employees, Spicer offers floating days off to employees in the slower months. In fact, every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, employees have the afternoons off and the office closes at 1:00 pm. Also, daily work hours are pulled back so that employees are able to get out and enjoy the nicer months with friends, family and coworkers.

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