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Spicer Jeffries’ partners have been involved with newly launched hedge and commodity funds, both registered and unregistered, as well as private equity funds and mutual funds, since the mid- 1980s. With years of previous accounting work experiences between them, and...


Spicer Jeffries LLP offers a tailored approach in regards to our private equity funds whose investing strategies range from late stage equity and debt securities to pre-IPO stage companies. Our knowledge spans across many disciplines and industries to allow us to provide superior services to your private equity funds, including operation and regulatory issues.

We frequently work with our client’s management to determine proper structure, valuation techniques and compensation arrangements, including waterfall distribution provisions. Due to these complexities, it is imperative that you work with a firm that has the requisite experience. Whether you are an emerging manager or a seasoned manager, we have the solution to satisfy your needs.

In addition to equity and debt securities of privately held companies, our securities professionals also work with new and emerging crypto currencies, including Initial Coin Offerings. These types of investments require specialized knowledge of the blockchain technology and securities offering rules. Our firm works with investment funds whose main investment objective is to capitalize on these cryptocurrencies.

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Ancillary Tax Services

July 9, 2019

Spicer Jeffries’ tax department prepares tax documents for individuals and entities across the United States, in the Cayman Islands, and around the globe.  Our client base spans numerous business segments and Spicer Jeffries understands that our client's businesses and private financial decisions have a direct correlation to their tax liability. ...


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