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Our Firm's Culture

Spicer Jeffries is a major advocate of professional development, but we also strive to help our employees maintain a good work/life balance. We truly believe that a happy and motivated employee is a great employee, so we make it one of our goals to create an atmosphere that will promote this. Over the years, Spicer has worked diligently to create a workplace environment that would bolster camaraderie, excitement, and career development. Spicer’s unique size and location allow us to do many things that other firms cannot. For instance, if you’re feeling a bit famished, join the staff in the conference room for the weekly Wednesday lunch provided by the firm. Is this a new city and you’re looking for activities? Join one of the firm’s intramural sports teams and compete outside of the office with your new coworkers. Our offices are also setup to promote contact and interaction. Spicer takes special consideration of each employee’s career goals, areas of expertise, and seniority prior to placement in the office. We believe that it is beneficial to both our employees and our clients to create workspaces that promote learning, discussion, and interaction. Being happy at work and life also means being healthy. As such, Spicer Jeffries provides its employees with a competitive health, dental, and vision benefits package. Spicer employees are not only encouraged to enhance their future careers, but also encouraged to start planning for their financial future. Spicer provides a competitive 401(k) Plan to its employees and also participates in the employee’s plan by matching.