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Professional Growth at Spicer

Starting your career at Spicer Jeffries is an exciting time. Your first few weeks at the firm will consist of “Incoming Class Training.” At Spicer, we feel that creating a strong bond between incoming employees creates the foundation for long lasting success. This intense initial training allows employees to begin to feel comfortable in their new work environment, learn about the firm’s expectations, understand their responsibilities to the firm and its clients, as well as begin building relationships with their incoming class and senior firm members.

Spicer believes that as a professional in the field of public accounting, you need to be well rounded in both audit and tax. As such, the first two years with the firm will be spent dealing in both areas to help you gain knowledge and also decide which area you prefer best. At the firm you will gain invaluable experience working in the field alongside senior members. You will be exposed to all facets of an audit engagement, taxation, related tax issues, and direct client contact. As your career advances at Spicer, you will move into a specialization, either audit or tax. Following this, an employee may further progress into a supervisory role, manager and then director. Spicer also provides continuing education opportunities for its employees. Throughout the year, employees are engaged in different programs and events that directly contribute to their professional growth and expertise in the accounting industry. We truly believe that your career potential is only limited by the amount of time and effort you put into it. It is our goal to help each employee realize their career goals, as well as their personal life goals.